Gardening in Oklahoma

5 Steps For Planting Seeds

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The Oklahoma State University Landscape Maintenance Schedule states that most of Oklahoma can plant bedding plants, summer flowering bulbs, and annual flower seeds after the danger of frost disappears around mid-April.

For those looking for gardening advice this year we advise you to plant more seeds as opposed to buying flats of annual and seasonal color.  Not only does it save money, but is saves you energy!

5 Steps For Planting Seeds 

Step 1: Prepare Garden Bed

Prepare your plant beds by cultivating or tilling the soil to a depth of 3”-4” inches. Try to work the soil when it is wet instead of dry. A rake is a perfect tool to use in gardening preparation as it naturally creates miniature furrows for your broadcasting.


Step 2: Remove Topsoil

Remove the top 2” inches of soil and set it aside. Oklahoma soil is clay based and iron rich. The more iron there is in dirt, the redder it becomes! Fresh top soil is very important for nutrients to be provided for your garden.


Step 3: Broadcast Seeds

Broadcast your flower seeds in the area where you are wanting coverage. It’s best to randomly scatter the them by hand in your garden bed. Broadcasting by hand is easier and faster than any machine and following the furrows created by the rake offer you a perfect spot to scatter your seeds.


Step 4: Cover with Topsoil

Take your leftover topsoil and cover the seeds with 1”-2” inches of topsoil.


Step 5: Water

Water your seedlings thoroughly, but not in excess. The goal in watering is to water the ground until it looks wet, but is not soaked. Maintain watering lightly and regularly until sprouts appear.



You can refer to individual packets for sun requirements and watering guidelines as each is a little different.