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General Considerations of Pre-Construction for GALT Landscape LLC.



Create a wish list by formulating ideas and organizing thoughts on Construction and Landscape items that are being considered.



Decide on dollar amounts for each item. A comfortable budget per each item and categorize the wish list from most important to least important. This will help to set up the phases of installation and is an important step towards the Estimate.



With the information from steps 1 and 2, the designer draws a layout of the project addressing the wish list and project needs accordingly. If the owner is having a difficult time creating a budget or deciding on phases, the design process might have to be used to develop a budget and to develop phases of the project. This should be discussed between the owner and the designer. The design process may consist of a few preliminary concept drawings before a final design is to be approved by the owner. Preliminary drafts should also coincide with rough dollar figures that are close to the budgets on the wish list. A final design is completed when the owner and designer have a drawing that illustrates the wish list with consideration to the budget or updated budget.



Design team formulates the detailed costs associated with the design layout and owners wish lists. If a Budget has been put together beforehand and open communication about the Budget has been expressed to the Designer, then the Estimate shouldn’t be a surprise to the Owner but reflective of the Owners wish list and Owners Budget.



Is or should be just a formality, the Budgeting and Estimating should have already fleshed out the costs associated and the phases of how the owner wants the Project implemented or how the Project is going to be installed.



Both the Owner and Designer and or Contractor or both are all on the same page and understand what will be installed, how much it costs, and how it will look when finished.


Galt Ormiston


- BS Horticulture and Landscape Architecture OSU Stillwater, OK

Graduate studies:
- University of Texas, Masters of Landscape Architecture Program

Continuing Education:
- Horticulture Science, OSU Stillwater & OKC, focusing on Plant Science and Plant Propagation.

Pesticide Applicators Licenses:
- #26791
- 3C /14
- 6 /18

Galt Landscape LLC provides Central Oklahoma with landscape site planning and design, landscape construction, and installation services. If you’re looking for an experienced, degreed landscape professional to aid you in your landscape project, please contact us to set up an on-site consultation and begin the planning process. We are a full service design/build firm that can take your project from concept to completion!

Whether your home is newly constructed or an existing home, setting up the outdoor living design of your dreams will maintain your investment and add to your home’s beauty, as well as create a comfortable space for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

At Galt Landscape we provide experience, dependability, equipment, and staff to meet your landscape needs. Our response time is one of the fastest in the area, and we provide only the highest level of quality in every project we undertake. If Galt Landscape can be of service to you, please feel free to call on me, Galt Ormiston, personally at 405-313-4258 for priority response

15 Years Professional Experience in the following:

  • Design and Building Landscape Construction
  • Plant Planning and Design
  • General Contracting
  • Pesticide Application
  • Plant Propagation
  • Edible Gardening
  • Commercial Maintenace

Planning and Design


Retaining Walls


Outdoor Living Rooms


Sunroom Additions


Landscape Plantings


Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor Fireplaces


Pergolas & Arbors


Flatwork and Patios


Greenhouse & Field Grown Plants


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Properties Designed
Sq Ft Of Walls Built
LBS of Cedar Installed
Happy Customers

The Design

Imagine your landscape enriched by serene pathways, tranquil water features, and plants for all seasons. Whatever your vision, Galt Landscape can help you create that place. Our goal is to bring to life your inspired outdoor living space that looks great new—and will continue to look beautiful as it matures. From design to installation, our unique landscapes are tailored to offer a superior value for people with lavish tastes. We can create that outdoor environment that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

The Install

At Galt Landscape we provide you with excellence in project management and construction. Our commitment is to execute every project neatly, efficiently, and with a minimum disruption to you. Communication is the key, and with our owner on site we are able to handle any questions or changes as the job progresses. We feel your time is better spent enjoying your landscape then working on it. After all, our best advertisements are your compliments and referrals.

The Service

While you may not have the time, expertise, or equipment for your landscape needs, we do! Galt Landscape can develop your ideas into reality from concept to completion. Together we can get your project done. We can give you some after care instruction and maintenance guidelines after the project is done. At Galt Landscape we provide experience, dependability, equipment, and staff to meet your landscape needs. We give you the service you deserve, along with the extra time to enjoy it.

At Galt Landscape L.L.C. we provide a wide range of services to meet all of your needs

Below are some of the services we provide.

Residential Landscaping

Many of the projects we work on are designed with the entire property in-mind. We want to take into consideration every square foot of the site. Whether most of it is a neatly maintained turf lawn or an intricate garden with water features, pathways and seating areas. The ‘Flow’ of the site and the communication between all of the site features and circulation through the property are the principals of master planned design.

Commercial Landscaping

If you need any help with new construction work, additions to buildings, landscape remodels, renovations, or anything in between, we would love to help serve your project needs. In addition to installations we offer comprehensive design services as well and are familiar with designing around City codes, HOA committees, Historic site preservation, General Contractor/Architect Landscape requirements and specifications, and other rules, standards, and regulations pertaining to landscape development for commercial use sites.

Backyard Farmer

Backyard farms can be of any shape, size, arrangement, and can be at a residence, business, rural land, school, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. All you need is a little bit of space and motivation!

Weed & Vegetation Control

Galt Landscape, L.L.C offers a wide variety of weed and vegetation control services. Call us today and we can design a weed control program that fits your needs!


Along with our professional landscape experience, we also pride ourselves as nurserymen and women. More specifically plant propagators. The plant propagation division of Galt Landscape, L.L.C.was designed to expand on our love of growing plants and utilizing that passion in and with our landscape projects.

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